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i can’t wait to not have kids and spend all my money on myself

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ah yes;
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lizard; !!!;

muscle prompt for #knb_69mins
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my art; u bet ur sweet ass i was gonna draw nebuya for the prompt; nebuya; nebuya eikichi; knb; kuroko no basket; knb_69mins;
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tsumugu kinagase; klk; kill la kill; bara babe;


DRAMAtical Murder I Midorijima Summer Festival


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You saved me from those chains and so to you, the one I find more precious than anything this earth has to offer, I give my life and my death - to be spent with you from this first step we take to the last breath we breathe and I pray that as we walk this path together that I will be able to give you the same happiness and peace that you have given me.

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aaah!!!; mink; aoba; dmmd;
me: has 800 ocs
me: focuses all attention on 2
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this is definitely us ali;


clever ways to plant one on the babe

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PRECIOUS CHILDREN; asanoya; haikyuu!!; hq;



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SAD LIL YAM; yamaguchi; haikyuu!!; hq; so nice!!;



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for the ywpd_69min challenge :^)


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aaaah ali!!!!!; tadomaki; yowapeda; tadokoro; makishima; so nice!!;


I also drew stuff for Phantasmagoria, a KnB AU fanbook that my friends and I organized during class lol. The book came out really nice imo * *  I think there are still copies of the book available for purchase if you’re interested ^p^/

Thank you @reiberryjam, darkshia, kimhongstar, and noblesoul for organizing the fanbook and inviting me to collaborate with them <3

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that SECOND FUCKING PICTURE; IM GONNA LOSE MY SHIT; bless; it is truly fantastic; A+ nebuya; knb;

well of course i love these two

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my art; supreme kai; kaioshin; kibito; dbz; dragon ball z; until they fuckin fused together like no why; not that i dont mind that form; but; i miss them separate;